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10 Fantastic Doll Themes in K-Pop MVs

Posted: March 9, 2022

Written by: Kelly Nero

National Barbie Day 2022 is here! The childhood toy symbolizes female empowerment for many as Barbie has reinvented herself numerous times in several careers - showing young kids they can be anything they want. Dolls undoubtedly bring up a nostalgic feeling and with that, here's a look back at some classic K-Pop music videos from my trusty K-Pop vault involving dolls.

Girls' Generation - Gee (2009)

Girl's Generation - Gee

Ah yes. 2009. A golden year in K-Pop. The girls of SNSD can be seen acting as mannequins while a young and oh-so dreamy Minho almost breaks his neck looking at them. It's probably no surprise Gee was one of the first kpop music videos I saw.

TARA - Sexy Love (2012)

TARA - Sexy Love

Kinda scary right? This song takes on a more mature and robotic depiction of being a doll. The girls sing of despite being impenetrable, their mind is faltering because of their love's sexy eyes, nose, etc. Aww.

Girl's Day - Tilting My Head (2010)

Girl's Day - Tilt My Head

The girls of Girl's Day burst onto the scene with this colorful and bright doll depiction in Tilt My Head. I must say the reference to being a doll is quite simple and rather cute with the words "Tilt head. Blankly." Always makes me chuckle. Keke.

Laboum - What About You (2014)

CL - Lover Like Me teasers

Laboum's version of being a doll takes a different take than the previous ones. The song tells of confronting a lover who has broken your heart. The girls feel as if they're being treated like a doll as they're put to the side for some other interest when the lover finds another girl. That they're on a string, begging them to stay, under the control of their partner as if they're plaything. That's deep.

Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb (2015)

CL - Lover Like Me teasers

How can one not smile when they see this music video? In this up-beat dance pop, the girls convey their awkward feelings toward their love interest. The connections to doll is quite obvious as their music video is set in a doll factory. In a somewhat full circle moment, Red Velvet also uses the metaphor of mannequins whn expressing their admiration for someone with, "Like a mannequin. Everything is so awkward. I should just act like I do normally. But whenever I see you, I act so stupid".